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Key4Trade offers Cryptocurrency CFDs trading with a wide range of digital coins available 24/7 on our advanced trading platform. Discover the difference between the hottest and the most popular cryptocurrencies. The range of coins available for your trading decisions is not limited to the ones listed below.

Potential Investors should be aware of the following:
Transactions on Crypto Currencies are not covered by the "Athens Stock Exchange Members Guarantee Fund".
Crypto Currencies are not considered nor regulated as a financial instrument according to MIFID, thus they are not supervised by any capital market competent authority.


Bitcoin was developed in November 2008 and is the reason that today everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the most well-known, traded and invested-in coin, the coin leading in the cryptocurrency world. It has the highest market capitalization and its coins have the highest trading value all over the crypto market. Bitcoin is new money, digital decentralized currency. It is not connected to any central bank or government bodies but is based on the encrypting technology called Blockchain.


Etherium is a platform designed to build decentralized applications, a platform of innovations. Etherium allows to create any kind of decentralized applications that are completely reliable, transparent and protected, as they run on the Blockchain technology. Etherium project can be used for finance, commerce and human collaboration in general.


Ripple (XRP) is a cryptocurrency issued by Ripple Labs and freely tradable on many digital asset exchanges. It is a coin with the 3d largest market capitalization. It can be accepted as a transition currency in institutions such as banks, yet it has an additional significant advantage of very low transaction costs compared to Bitcoin. There are more and more providers that accept Ripple. It can be used for personal issues, however, the Ripple platform was designed for business operation and its main idea is to maintain rapid money flow around the world.


Litecoin was created in 2011 as an analogue and substitute of Bitcoin in many aspects. Compared to Bitcoin, the speed of creating new blocks in Litecoin’s Blockchain is much faster. Because this process takes less time with Litecoin, the transaction time is supposed to shrink as well. It has the 6th largest market capitalization as of January 2018 and has been very popular and traded since its creation.


IOTA is another well-known coin that is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The technology and approach behind it are revolutionary and allow to transfer value on an open market in real time with zero fees. The new business opportunities and tools, which were impossible until now, are already accepted by several highly respected companies such as Samsung Group and Volkswagen AG.


Dash is a young cryptocurrency which has been attracting huge interest of the market participants from the very beginning. Dash, formerly known as XCoin, is aimed at providing private, highly secure and near instantly verified transactions. The technical innovations behind Dash are different from any of other crypto coins and they make Dash a safer system with high efficiency of mining process, sharp speed and ensured confidentiality of transactions. The unique power of Dash is in its community which is very active in promoting and developing the network and Dash payments.

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